College Visit Need to Knows:

Figuring out the right college to vist

If you are wanting to visit a college there are a few things to consider:

What college?

Why that college?

What about that college interests you: what makes you want to visit?

Where is the school located? Consider the location, is it cold? Warm? Would you be okay staying at this college depending on the seasons?

Research the college- make sure you really want to visit!

What to do before a college visit:

Before visiting the college:

  • Contact the admissions office to schedule a visit!
  • Contact your school and let them know you are going on a college visit!
  • Contact students who are currently enrolled and ask them how they like the school
  • If the school offers an overnight stay; take it! Get a feel of what its like to stay there

Arriving at the college:

  • Stop by the admissions office and introduce yourself
  • Take the tour (Bring paper and pencil to write down some questions you may have)
  • After the tour is over ask the tour guide some of the questions you have
  • Venture out on your own! Get a feel of being independent and walking around campus
  1. Check out the dinning hall considering this is where you will most likely be eat (What are they serving, does it look good?)
  2. Check out some class rooms (is this a comfortable learning environment?)
  3. Look at the dorm halls (How are the bathrooms? Does the room look comfortable to live in?)

After a college visit

After your college visit:

  • Keep notes on what you liked or didn't like about the college
  • If you happen to come up more questions note them; that way you can ask them at a later time