Digital Citizenship

and what to do and what not to do online


a cyberbully is some who harasses, decieves, or uses flaming or hate speech to bully someone online

Creator's Rights is a law so that protects your control over the creative work you make so that people can not copy without your permission

If your were to steal someone else's creation without their permission this plagerism which is a little different from piracy.

Piracy is stealing some kind of document attending to keep or sell it

Fair Use is the use of a small amount of copyrighted work without permission

digital footprint a trail that is made up of bits and peices of info on ones computer and on other

Gauranteed for the internet to be a safer online community


Having a positve brand means you follow the suggestions that have said and by a kind hearted Digital Citizen

scams and scems online

Identity Thief is someone that tries to steal social sucurity numbers, paswords ,money, bank accounts

Hacker is a computer user that tries to steal unauterized access to a computer

No to Cyberbullying

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