The Life of Darrell Smoots

My Great Grandpa

Daily Life for Darrell

Daily life for Darrell consisted of taking care of 5 boys and handling a dairy farm. He had a lot of things on his plate. He was in the military he had to be prepared if he had to be called in for duty. His wife Ione had to take care of the farm and the employes and the 5 kids they had when he went for duty. The employes they had for the farm had to be paid so half of their pay was food. Ione would get up every morning and make Darrell and the boys an the employes breakfast, then send the boys off to school and wash Darrells work clothes. Then when it was lunch time she would make Darrells lunch hers and the employes lunch. They woud eat then go back to work. If they had to work late she would also make the boys Darrells and the employes dinner. She did a lot of work. Darrell had to do much more though he had to work and maintain the farm. He had to make sure he had loyal employes. That was much of thier life.

Where did he fit in History?

Well he fit in history as I mentioned many times. He was in world war ll. So thats where he fits in history.

He was a VERY hard worker

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Darrells Life and Death

Darrell lived a long life he dies when he was 87. He died at the V.A. hospital in Leavenworth Ks. V.A. stands for veterans administration. He died on January 8th 2010. He was born on Febuary 2nd 1922. He died of infection and heart faluire. He would of been 88 if he lived a few more weeks on Febuary 2nd.