Solar Energy

Samantha Palad 5S

Solar Energy

Solar Energy works by solar panels. It works by the panels absorbing the sun power to create electricity.

How does solar energy work?

Solar Energy works by , starting of with a solar panel. The solar panel is made up by photovolatic cells. These cells convert the sunlight into direct current electricty. Then the inverter device converts the direct current electricty into alternating current , electricity.

The alternating current electricty is sent from the inverter to your home's electrial panel. This makes all your electrical devices work! Such as lights and other things using solar energy. The electrical panel is called a breaker box.

The utility meter mesures the amount of electricity you use. So if you have left over solar power from the day , you can use this at night.

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Why should we use this energy more?

I think we should use solar power more because , it doesn't hurt the environment. You can easily install a solar panel , and it is worth it! Since it is getting into the hotter weather their

will be more electricity than the winter. You can also use it at night even though their is no sunlight. Which is great for me because when I am at school.

The panel will be collecting energy , so when I get home I will have enough energy to share around with my family.

Where is solar energy mostly found?

Solar energy is found , basically all over the world! The amount of energy created in a location depends on where the sun is. For example Australia will have more energy than America right now because in Australia we are currently getting more sunlight.

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