Foreign Policy Assignment

Inala Gant

ISIS- Who are they?

ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. It is a group of radicals who believe they are the true heirs to Islams funding leaders, and they seek to destroy anyone who does not fully resemble "true Muslims". It wants to take over a territory and rebuild it so that they can govern it they way they think is best.

ISIS is a small group that stems from Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda officially split with ISIS in 2014, forming two completely separate groups. From then it turned into Al Qaeda and ISIS fighting together on fighting the Syrian government, but ISIS fighting the rebels for territory as well.

ISIS' leader firmly believes it is their job to bring on the end of the world. The "biblical apocalypse".

Power Vacuum- Where?

Syria. All of this dates back to first shots fired by extremists from Syria. Russia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, the US, this entire war is seemingly endless around these areas.

Iran is on Asaad's side.

The Gulf states are fighting in favor of the rebels.

Hezbollah is fighting along side Asaad against the rebels through Jordan even though Jordan is with the rebels. It's generally divided by Sunni's on one side and Shiites on the other side supporting Asaad.

The exchange of military supplies and disagreements in who is fighting who was the cause for different rebel groups forming, like ISIS. Who didn't fight against Asaad but fought all the other rebel groups.

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1. To summarize, the first person interviewed said "...we need to kill them. I think our President needs to stop being a Pansy and declare war on ISIS like the French did, that's what I think."


2. To summerize, the second person interviewed said that they did not know a lot about the group. However, it is hard for them to wrap their head around why and how someone could kill people. "Without knowing their all around goal, it is difficult for me to say anything besides this is craziness, and I just feel bad for all of the people who are caught in the middle of this war...all of the innocent people".

-Lifegroup Leader

My Thoughts

The phrase that kept coming to my mind while I learned more and more about this group is "this is annoying". First off, if their ultimate goal is really to take the lives of those who do not resemble "true Muslims" well..that is a lot of people...that is crazy. It's crazy to have all of these different rebel groups fighting each other and pretending like it is about religion, when really it is nothing more than them satisfying their psychotic needs.

I didn't want to know about this but now that I do I am angry. The popular emotion when discussing ISIS seems to be fear, but no, I'm not scared I am just mad. Their ultimate goal is unrealistic and how they are killing with no remorse is psychotic. ISIS is a group of textbook psychopaths. I don't agree with killing even if the majority of the US' view is "a life for a life" but I do not know any alternative way to end this war. This is all very annoying.