Sheep / Goat Care

Cheat Sheet

Sheep / Goat as an SAE

A Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is described as a hands-on learning experience essential to your agricultural education. Raising sheep/goats completes the three circle model for agriculture education.

Necessary Materials

As with any animal, there are costs and responsibilities.


Housing pens at the agriculture farm will be available on a first come, first served basis. Pens are to be kept neat and sanitary at all times. If a short amount of time is spent each day this should never become a problem.

Pen items:

Other Necessary items for success:

**Note: we will not be using any type of shavings. Do not bring this to the facility.


Each animal will be given a specific ration program targeted for the animals success. This can include grain and supplements. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to feed the animal 2X a day at the SAME TIME each day. There are many different types of feed and the following 15-18% feed is recommended:

  1. Show Rite
  • Goats - Advancer Plus - $28/bag
  • Lambs - Advanced

In addition to feed, you will be providing a specific supplement. Throughout the project, your adviser will suggest dependent upon the condition of the animal. Supplements usually run about $50-$100 lasting approximately 60-90 days. Talk to your adviser for more information.

Animal Health

Throughout the duration of the animal, there will be costs for maintenance health in addition to emergencies. Routine maintenance will include CD&T and worms.

The vaccine commonly known as “CDT” or “CD&T” is a vaccination for Clostridium perfringenstype C + D and tetanus. We will vaccinate for this every 30 days at a cost of $1 per dosage.

Goats are very susceptible to internal parasites. It is recommended to de-worm your goat when you first get it and establish a de-worming program every 21 days at a cost of $1 per dosage.

A fee of $10 will be applied for ALL goats/lambs that want to be included in this rotation. All other medical fees will be based on individual circumstances.

Where can I purchase these materials?!

There are multiple feed stores and locations where you can purchase your items. Not all stores carry all brands and items, or you may need to special order. The following are a list of local feed stores that you will be utilizing.

  1. Melissa Feed & Seed - 972-837-2286
  • This will be our MAIN location for feed purchases. Chet, the owner, will order feed on Tuesdays. Plan accordingly!

Other local feed stores:
**Note: Call ahead if you are looking for something specific. Not all carry the same items.

  1. Princeton Ag Supply - 972-736-2350
  2. Pardner's - Frisco - 972-377-2165
  3. D&L Ag Mart - McKinney - 972-562-9995
  4. Krum Farm & Feed - 940-482-3136

Other useful websites:

  1. Sullivan Supply

Show Opportunities

Throughout the duration of your project, there will be many show opportunities.

  1. Jackpots
  2. Collin County Junior Livestock Show
  3. Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Collin County Junior Livestock Show info

Dates: January 9-14

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Dates: January 25-29

Advisor Information

Camilla Pearson

AST Anna High School