How Has Classical Music Changed?

From Mozart to forms of modern day Violin dubstep.


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Who and Where was Classical Music invented? - S.S.

Well first off there was not a designated place where Classical had originated from. It had just simply became very popular during the Classical period (1750-1820). Next who invented it. The answer is simple... no one! Well basically no "one", as in single, person was responsible for inventing/creating it. There were many people who composed and played who influenced Classical music like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. They were very important in the growing of classical music because of how many people they had influenced and continue to influence today.

When composing a piece how does the tempo/speed affect the song? - Math

The tempo of music is very, very important in writing a piece. Picking the tempo for a song is hard because it will most likely stick with the song because with a different tempo a different emotion is expressed along with the notes you chose to use. For example a very fast paced tempo would be good for a an action-y sort of piece while a slow tempo would be maybe good for a sad song.

Does Classical music improve your concentration and how? - Science

Classical music has been proven to soothe the brain so, yes it does improve your concentration (Which is why you should be listening it while studying for finals!). That's one part of the question and now the other, how does it improve your concentration. Well many famous composers were all the same in the fact that they all used a similar way of writing music that creates a "meditative" mood and relieves stress from the brain which lets your focus grow.

How has classical music helped influence pop music? - My Choice

Well to begin with most pop songs are based on a dozen or so of familiar chord sequences used in Classical music. In pop singers their voices, attitude, and style are all different in some way but the chords and sequences that they have used have been around a very long time. Most of these chords and sequences came from a classical music player called Schubert.

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Who decided of the idea of Violin dubstep? - My Choice

Who would think of this? Dubstep is a kind of music the centers around bass (Not the instrument), heavy and loud, and combining that with classical music from the violin, which is light and emotional. Well the person who came up with this amazing idea is Lindsey Stirling. She lives in Utah at the moment and is now nicknamed "The Hiphop Violinist". She posted her first piece as an "experiment" and became internet famous and currently has 8 Mill subscribers on youtube! Guess it was a good idea because from that she got to go to and became a quarter finalist in the 5th season of "Americas Got Talent"! Down below you will see her song "Crystallize" that began her road to famousness (But wasn't her first song published I think).
Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)


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