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Research Proposal

For my research proposal I was able to revisit my research on the Head Start program. In the past I've looked at the benefits of the social program; however, this time around I decided to look into the negative side of things. I loved that this project allows us to explore a different style of writing that can possibly lead to a new way of thinking. For my project I proposed to the look at both the positive and negative of the program, while proposing to develop a new social program that follows students beyond pre-k. I feel very passionate about this topic as I am an education major. I'm always looking for a way to reinvent the current system. A new era of learning is upon us I believe we have to adapt to these new times.

Project 3 (Anotated Bibliogrpahy)

Chapter 5/ Teens, Kindness, and Rhetoric of America as the Greatest Country in the World (or use to be?)

TKRAGCIW: This short article located on pg (374) of our book explores a number of statistics surrounding teens and their social interactions online. These student's reported in article are middle school and they are asked about their peers online. A number of the students claimed that their peers were unkind to one another. It can also be said that the claims were mostly made by black girls. From the articles facts it can be said that middle school students use social media sites a safe place for unfiltered speech, contrary to their beliefs, their language and social interactions cause drama and serious issues in school. Fights are usually the case for most of these social interactions. I found it less surprising to see that adults have more favorable social interactions, as they are a little more mature and think rather rationally.

Chapter 5: This section of the book helps students get a better understanding of the sources they chose when writing English papers. The chapter goes into detail about evaluating online and printed sources. Although in times like today, its easier to type in a topic into any search engine, the books gives a great deal of advice on how look at other sources like the encyclopedia and printed news articles.

Annotating a Source: Reading and Making Meaning with Research

The News Room

At first I thought the clip shown in class was a mock debate about this years elections; however, I begin to realize that it was about more election but rather on American norms. I felt favorably strong with the main candidates statements and claims. He was able to be honest and genuine on his beliefs of what America once was and how it currently. I thought the women holding up signs played a significant role in the clip. They signified the peoples voice and the serious issues we face as a whole. In all I thought the clip got its point across effectively.