CHICKEN POX (May go by the name Varicella)

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Chicken Pox (Varicella) is VERY contagious. It is a rash that has miserable symptoms.
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It will usually attack from airborne particles but any clothing or fluid from an affected victim could also attack.

Most Common Victims

Most common victims are children but it can also infect adults.

Hideout of The Culprit

It is most likely to be found lingering in daycares and schools.

Most Common Injury

Itchy rashes that can leave scars. Once you have chicken pox the shingles virus is already inside of you.

Armed and Dangerous?

Vaccines can help prevent chicken pox but it doesn't permanently eliminate your risk. Once you have chicken pox its unlikely for you to get it again.

How to fight back

Get vaccines and proper medication.