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Graduation is THE goal.


Northtowns Academy is an alternative setting that provides students new beginnings and second chances. Northtowns Academy focuses on the whole student, allowing every opportunity to achieve goals; ensuring a brighter future and building productive members of society.

S - L - O's - Oh My!!

ALL SLOs and Locals are due in hardcopy to Mrs. Gartler on 11/20/15. NO EXCEPTIONS This will allow for ample time for Administration to review and either approve or return for revisions.

ALL revisions will be due, in hardcopy, on Tuesday December 1, 2015.

ALL approved SLOs and Locals must be uploaded by Friday December 4, 2015 in eDoctrina for FINAL APPROVAL. NO EXCEPTIONS

ALL approved SLOs and Locals must also be uploaded to the Shared Teacher drive in the "2015-2016 SLO& Local" file. Please name your file 'LastNameCourseDoc', e.g., 'ChisolmELA9SLO' or 'HillerUSHistoryLocal'.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

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* Student Support Services: Please call Ms. Pickard and Ms. Chirico-Hager before sending a student down. With the high number of intakes, they may not be readily available.

* POSITIVE REFERRALS!! Let's keep them up and continue to look for ways to celebrate those SMALL WINS!

Thanksgiving Dinner: Changed to Friday November 20th.


November Birthdays

Tracy Szafranek 11/4

Nancy Prichard 11/8

Monica Haun 11/20

Important Dates to Remember

11/2 and 11/3 - Staff Development- NO SCHOOL

11/9- Faculty Meeting

11/11- Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL

11/18-BLT Mtg 2:15-3:15

11/19-Parent-Teacher Conferences

11/20-Thanksgiving Dinner

11/27 and 11/27- Thanksgiving Recess -NO SCHOOL

Pre/Post Testing Protocols-PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY-Window Closes 2/12/16


Erie 1 BOCES Pre and Post Testing Protocol

Northtowns Region (Northtowns Academy and WNY Child Psychiatric Center)

Building Testing Coordinator, Delegate: Mike Hiller

Building Testing Coordinator, Alternate: Lorenda Chisolm

District Testing Coordinator: Kristen Marchiole

Notification and Communication

  1. Pre and post testing window will be communicated regionally via district office and building administration.

  2. Written communication will be sent via the “Week at a Glance” newsletter.


  1. NTA and CPC Teachers will administer the test during the testing window, in class, and ensure a testing environment free from distraction.

  2. Testing accommodations will be provided for students with 504/IEP.

  3. Make-up days will be provided for students who are absent during the testing window. In the event a student is absent, during the testing window, please administer test upon return.

  4. Newly enrolled students will be tested in the Student Services Office within a week of enrollment.

  5. It will be the responsibility of the case manager to notify administration and secure all tests for newly enrolled CPC students. Students will be tested in a predetermined, designated location deemed appropriate by Building Testing Coordinator and CPC staff. The testing room for new/absent students is dependent on availability.


  1. All pre/post-tests pick up and drop off will be handled between the district coordinator and/or building administration.

  2. Pre/post tests will be secured by building site coordinator. CPC Pre/post tests will be secured in building safe located at CPC.

  3. Once the testing window is complete, remaining exams will be housed in Student Services for absent or newly enrolled students. CPC teachers will be required to notify building administrators of students returning from absences or newly enrolled students for testing. These tests will be delivered by building testing administration, only, for administration.

  4. All completed tests with be collected and transported to the district test coordinator within 24 hours of the close of the testing window.

  5. Beyond the testing window, newly enrolled students’ test will be dropped off to district coordinator weekly.