Would You Eat McDonald's Again?

Kenlee Schilling

Let's Get Started

Sure, everyone knows that McDonald's is a well known fast-food restaurant. Having more than 36,000 world-wide restaurants, more than 14,000 being in the United States. It's a fast and simple place to go to any time of the day, whether it be in the morning before work, or just some place for dinner. But how beneficial is it to your health? Keep reading to learn more about how this food can affect your health and ways to avoid those golden arches.

How It Can Affect Your Health

  1. Could you imagine what it's doing to your digestive system? Food is meant to rot and mold, where as McDonald's food can go 10 years and still look as appetizing as it did when it was first made, except it's rock hard.
  2. How long are willing to walk? If you were to eat a Super Sized Coke, Large Fries, and a Big Mac, you would have to walk 7 straight hours just to burn most of those calories off.
  3. Just because it sounds healthy, doesn't mean it is. Those McChickens and chicken nuggets are more than just chicken, same with the salads.
  4. Gas Guzzling? Happy meals in 2006 were found to contain toy Hummers. So if what kids were eating then wasn't bad enough for their health, add some gas why don't they?
  5. Endothelial dysfunction? The fat in these foods were found to have caused that for up to 5 hours after consumption of food. Which affects the lining of the blood vessels.
  6. Oh but the coffee and lattes can't be bad? Oh, but it is. That chocolate and caramel drizzle you're getting? Yeah, it contains so many preservatives it's crazy.

So Here's a Plan

You're probably already wondering how to avoid those ever so tempting golden arches. So here's some ideas.

  • Try different foods, go online and look at some new recipes to try while at home.
  • Out of town and looking for somewhere fast? Ask Siri any fast food restaurants in the area and rule out any and all M's that show up on the map.
  • If McDonald's is the only place open, go to a gas station or a grocery store and get something small to tie you over till you are at a destination where you can get food other than MacDons.