The Depression


causes and effects of the depression

wall street crash- the rising in prices of stocks where some invested and got double the profit in less than a year but lost all their money when the market crashed in 1929.

causes of the crash - The amount of income wasnt distributed easily so the rich recieved the most, stock market begins to specialize in finding stocks that would grow so you could sell share for profit, overproduction, nation economic restrictions etc.

effects of the crash - the amount of goods and services of the us dropped significantly.

Hoovers policy

responding to a worldwide depression - tries ot make policy to help with war debts do to europe feeling the effect later on.

domestic programs: too little, too late- farmers try to stabilize prices of goods but had to much beionoverproduced, and also stabilize loans to help key buisnesses which would later help smaller buisnesses.

, despair and protest-farmers fight banks to keep thieir farms and veterains form WW1 march to D.C some with wife and kids demanding thier payment and bonuses.

the election of 1932- Roosevelt takes presidency while also refusing assistance from previous republican president hoover.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

F.D.R.: The Man - Roosevelt had a rough childhood due to paralization from polio but regaining upper body later in life and then begins to act in politics until he becomes U.S. president.

New Deal Philosophy - his philosophy on making change to depression with relief, recovery, and reform and went to the help of some college proffesors to help advice the U.S.

The First Hundred Days - a meeting between the government leaders to pass a group of Acts in response to the coming ?U.S panic. ex (WPA,AAA, CCC, NRA)

Other programs of the First New Deal - More groups/Acts passed to help support the that which came from the first hundred days.

The second new deal

relief program- The WPA ( Works Progress Administration) spends billions of dollars to provide jobs for unemployed men and women,

Reforms- Making the government play a more supportive roll for farmers and industrial workers.

The Social Security Act- was an act thst took money from taxes to psy for the living of everyone sbove the age of 65.

The Election of 1936- Roosevlt wins election by a landslide over his opponent landon who was selected by the rich due to there dislike of roosevelt.

The Great Depression: Crash Course US History #33