Throughout the Semester

A look back at Comm 411 through the eyes of Victoria Shaffer

To My Mother,

I’m actually surprised with how long it took me to figure out what I was going to thank you for. Not because you haven’t done enough, but because you have done too much. 250 words could not even begin to cover the amount of things you have done for me throughout my life. I genuinely could not imagine getting to where I am today without the help and support you have given me and continue to give every day, no matter what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you for the countless memories, being my shoulder to cry on, my protector, my loudest cheerleader (although you never could quite watch my cheer routines at competitions), my at-home doctor, the friend I could always count on and of course my inspiration. I have never met another woman as strong as you and I can only dream of being half as strong as you are through life. No matter what obstacle we were thrown and level of severity it was, you always came up with a plan and executed it until that problem was a thing of the past. You have given me the strength to overcome things I thought would consume me and bring me down as a person. If I could go back in time, I would make sure I appreciated every single thing you did for me a million times more. I know I do not thank you enough for everything you do for and have done. It does not go unnoticed and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without you. I love you, Tammie. Thank you for the life you have blessed me with.