The Trojan War

The Greeks defeated the Trojans

The war started after Helen, queen of sparta, was abducted by the prince of Troy, Paris. Helen's husband was very upset and wanted his wife back. He asked his brother, Agamemnon, if he could lead an army to reclaim Helen. It was hard for the Greeks to get in the city of Troy because their walls were very well built. Odysseus then came up with the idea of a wooden horse. After they built the horse and got some men inside, they left it for the people of Troy and sailed off. The Trojans thought that the Greeks gave up and left a present for them, so they took the horse inside the city. The Trojans then had a celebration of their victory. While they were celebrating, the Greeks inside the horse climbed out and opened the walls for the rest of the army, and the Trojans were either slaughtered or enslaved.

An Ancient Olympic Athlete

Milo Of Kroton

An Italian wrestler who wore the victor's crown at Olympia 6 times. He won the boys wrestling contest in 540 BC. Milo resisted Retirement. By the time of the 67th Olympiad, Milo was probably 40 or more years old. He competed anyways, but his opponent won. He did not overpower Milo, though, he did it by avoiding the older wrestler and wearing him out. Milo enjoyed showing off his strength. He would hold a pomegranate in his hand and challenge others to take it away from him, or he would stand on a greasy iron disk and challenge others to push him off.

Women in the Ancient World

Men were unfair with Women. It was said that by nature men were superior to women, so then men should rule and women should be ruled. The men described women by 2 ways, Female slaves and wives. Female slaves were for daily care and wives were to give the men children and to be guardians of their household. I think that society back then was really messed up because they made women feel like the world hated them.


The exact origins of tragedy is still being decided amongst scholars. Some suggest that it came from the rituals performed in the worship of Dyonisus. One of the rituals involved sacrificing goats, and the song ritual was called " Tragedy". Dyonisus was known as the God of Theatre because when he became drunk he would loose full control of his emotions and become like another person, like an actor. In a tragedy play, no violence was permited on stage, and if a character died it had to be heard offstage and not seen on stage.