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Bora Bora

Haven't you always have at least one dream place to visit? Well, in Bora Bora is a sight seeing, swimming, and adventuring galore to visit, for example did you know that Bora Bora has no poisonous snake or little pest like insects that means it's mosquito free! Plus there are hundreds underwater species so it makes a great snorkeling or scuba diving experience. Finally it's part of France so there will be a lot of french like foods and experiences. Bora Bora is in all a great experience for the whole family.
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Australia is an adventure wanting to be discovered there are so many things to do and see, but don't forget the culture. The lovely thing to do that most tourist love to explore is going snorkeling/scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, also so if you want to do more scuba diving it has the 3rd largest ocean territory. The amazing thing is and i would love to see this almost half of all the animals there can not be found any where else in the wild. Plus, if your more interested in the culture there is over 200 languages spoken! I wouldn't wait now to book a vacation on the wonderful island country Australia.
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I want to go to Ireland so bad did u now there is a highway called sheep highway, because it has tons of sheep in the middle of the road! Also even through Ireland is a small country it has a large culture, hey follow the rainbow to get a pot of gold. Plus it has amazing castles to visit and explore,also some castles are for sell if you like it so much but a castle and move to Ireland.
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