Week 10 in Review

2nd Great Awakening, a Test, and Compromise

11.9 - 11.13

11.9: We watched a short movie about the 2nd Great Awakening and learned about Temperance, Abolition, and the Religious Movements. Students were given information about the test and we reviewed where the pertinent information for the test could be found.

11.10: Test Day! The kids did great! Each class scored about 12% higher on this test than the Unit 1 one test.

11.11: We went over the test results and covered the questions that we struggled on to make sure we knew the information before leaving class. We also introduced the Civil War Unit by giving out the vocabulary list for the quiz on Monday.

11.12: Students learned about the compromises that led up to The Civil War. Students also learned the differences between compromise and consensus and how that will affect our civic action plans for the year. Students were given the job of deciding how they would handle the problems of dividing up our country in the 1820's - 1850's.

11.13: Students finished up their compromise simulations and had time in class to finish up their flash cards for the quiz on Monday or work on their compromise packet homework which is due on Wednesday.

Thanks and have a great weekend!