Dunes and Maritime Forest🌏

Darius Dinkins,Mrs.Jensen,2nd Period


Have you ever been to the beach?No...oh....yes?Whatever,if you have then you might have seen these things called dunes and might have fell into one (I think I think I fell in one when I was 7).Dunes are mostly made from wind.White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, United States is the biggest dune in the world..I think.Dunes are made out of sand that is blowned by wind.It make a very cool..thing..and that is called a dune.

Maritime Forest

Maritime Forest is a ocean coastal wooden habitat found on higher ground than dunes there found near atlantic ocean in the united states border.

Abiotic Factors

• Yes its a terrestrial ecosystem.

• Dunes have mostly sand,sometimes calcium carbonate.Maritime Forest are sandy.

• There is no recording of usual temperature.

• Salt water

• No recording of usual humidity...