The Making of A Navy Seal

Non-Fiction, Written by Brandon Webb


This book really leaves you to question everything. It leaves you to realized every time you said "This is the hardest thing ever." You were wrong. You may call yourself athletic and prepared, But are you prepared for this? Would you be able to do this training? Would you be able to call yourself a Navy SEAL?


The Making of a Navy Seal has 256 pages and is written by Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL.

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (August 25, 2015)


"What you're about to read is not just the making of a Navy SEAL sniper, but the story of one guy who went on to help shape the lives of hundreds of elite special forces warriors. Brandon has a great story to tell, and it is living proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to."

-Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL and Bestselling Author of Lone Survivor.

"An impressive and well-written account of the most elite snipers in the world...A great book."

-Howard E. Wasion, Navy SEAL and Bestselling Author of I am a SEAL team six warrior

Some details about the book

Some details about the book are the multiple detailed sections the happen. Every topic is great fully detailed. Nothing is left without having complete detail. It really helps to understand what he fully went through and what the actually training is like. He made sure to include that every thing had a certain challenge and fully throughout his process of earning his navy SEAL trident and becoming a navy SEAL sniper.Brandon Webb is a retired Navy Seal. He wasn't the most physically trained person began but turned out one of the most physically trained. After getting into the navy he went to BUD/S to become a Navy SEAL. Then became part of the GOLF platoon after being officially part of the Navy SEAL's. After getting to the golf platoon, he was invited to go the the Navy SEAL sniping training where he became a Navy SEAL sniper. Now as he's retired he lives with his family and is now an author.Brandon Webb has become an all around legend in the Navy SEAL community. But along his way to fame, he had some problems. He wasn't the most physically prepared for it. When he got to BUD/S he was late. Everyone else had started right after the navy but, because of the platoon he was put into, he couldn't go off the BUD/S until the end of his years due to his captain. So he wasn't as prepared. But even after not being so good, he came out with a trident on his chest.There were a bunch of good parts inthe book like when he explained his navy SEAL training and the further on sniper training. But the best was when his hot his navy SEAL trident and joining the ECHO platoon. When he got his trident they did the initiation of throwing him into the water fishing him out then pounding against his trident. It makes you feel proud of what you've done. Joining the ECHO platoon had a bunch of problems. He was in charge of making sure everything in the helicopters went smoothly. The ECHO platoon had a bad reputation but he didn't think it would be that bad until he say a weapon flying from the helicopter. Someone had dropped their weapon.In his old platoon, no one would have EVER done this, and if they did, they were out. Your trident ripped from your chest in the matter of seconds. The topic of the book is the life story of growing up to become a Navy SEAL. The facts I have learned were all about the Navy. For instance, The Navy SEAL camp is called BUD/S. SEAL Stands for "Sea, Earth, Air, Land" Unlike other military jobs, SEAL's do it all. But apart from being a SEAL, you can go up to be a SEAL sniper. Its a lifetime opportunity, you will rarely get to get a spot first out. During sniper training its not as much pt's (Physical Tests/Training) but more range. You learn how to pinpoint something and be able to hit a target, from miles away. You learn how to cover yourself and take the shot. People rarely pass.

Surviving the toughest challenge and training the best. Could you do it?

Brandon Webb, Former US Navy SEAL.

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