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Hawk Highlights

Four teachers represented Freeman Elementary School at the PLC SolutionTree Conference this week in San Antonio. The teachers attended engaging breakout and keynote sessions to help their grade levels further enhance our PLC time and drive our campus to a professional learning environment. As stated by Ms. Hernandez, "Attending my morning session about poverty schools, I know that Freeman is on the right track!"

To help our students achieve their full potential, we must have an environment where teachers and staff are not threatened by each other's data. When teachers are diving into their data during PLC's, there is a trust that has been built within the teams where teachers not only celebrate each others success, but want to know how they achieved their success!

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Be Still My Heart...

During my journey as an educator, mainly as an administrator, I have seen many times when teachers are not in support of each other. I am truly thankful for the staff at Freeman. The changes that our campus is undergoing this year is what is best for students and our staff has pulled together to work for our students. The growth that our staff has already achieved since school has started is amazing and no doubt will pay off for our students in the future. Having a staff that truly cares about each other makes this journey much more meaningful and worthwhile.

I have attached a video that I saw this week at one of the conferences I was attending in San Antonio. When I saw this video, it reminded me of how our staff carries each other when one of our staff members is feeling the pressure of life and helps them cross home plate...I appreciate you!

W. Oregon Sara Tucholsky first HR - ultimate sportsmanship

Response Strategy: Think Tac Toe

Think Tac Toe SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT STRATEGY allows students the opportunity to CHOOSE their own form of assessment. This is a great opportunity for STUDENTS to take OWNERSHIP of their learning. The teacher provides nine options for assessment and the students complete three assignments that form a line that would win a game of Tic Tac Toe. This is another great way to INCORPORATE CONTENT VOCABULARY!
How to use a Think Tac Toe Assessment - TeachLikeThis