Anna Miller


1.You get high pay and on top of that a good vet benefits from broadening opportunities (Benefits).

2.Vets can get authorized in more than 40 specialized areas including microbiology and dental care.They can also work with any type of animal they chose (Benefits).

3.The big interest of course is getting to work directly with the animals on a daily basis and play a big part in making in making sick animals better (Benefits).


1.At Minimum a Vet needs Doctoral degrees from accredited school of veterinary medicine (Joyner).

2.Earning a doctor of medicine degree takes about four years, sometimes its possible to gain acceptance to a college of veterinary medicine with out earning a bachelors degree (Joyner).

3.Getting into a school is highly competitive, fewer than fifty percent who applied for admission in twenty-ten were accepted (Joyner).


1.some requirements include extensive skill knowledge and experience (Requirements).

2.Another requirement is to have education, some require a PH.D., M.D., J.D.or graduate school (Requirements).

3.lastly some may need some on-the-job training, most of the occupations assume that person will already have required skills (Requirements).


1.The average salary a veterinarian made in twenty-fourteen was about ninety-eight thousand thirty dollars, They make a healthy pay for a health care job (Veterinarian).

2.The best paying jobs were in Metropolitan areas of Santa Barbara Cali.(one hundred seventy-five thousand two hundred and sixty dollars), Ann Arbor, Michigan(one hundred sixty-four thousand two hundred dollars),Honolulu(one hundred fifty-three thousand three hundred dollars) and the Palm Coast areas pay well too(one hundred forty-six thousand seven hundred and ninety dollars) (Veterinarian).

3.Vets make less than physicians but still made about the same average salary as a physicians assistant (ninety-seven thousand two hundred eighty dollars) (Veterinarian).