US Women Athletes Alex Morgan

By: Ava Pacione

How much money do you earn for a normal game?

she earns 70,000 and per non Olympic game or Cup game

How much money do you earn during a World Cup Game ?

She earns 3 million dollars per World Cup game.

How does your career affect your lifestyle?

When we looked up how her career as a professional soccer player would affect her lifestyle? & we found that she said her life is the same but different in a way, like sometimes she goes out and some people notice who she is and most times people don't notice her at all.

How many letters do you get from fans per week?

She had said that she gets thousands of DM's on Instagram & hundreds of letters per week.

How do you spend all of your time at practice?

squats, side bench /w leg lift ,plank, running plant and cut , ball control ,passing , shooting and tricks.

Why do you enjoy this sport like no other?

"I started club soccer when I was 14 . After I was done with high school I started with more professional leagues & eventually I joined the U.S. Professional Women's Team."

How much time do you spend with your family?

she spends most of her time with her teammates but also sees her family between and after games any spare time she has.