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A Message From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

I am genuinely impressed by the manner in which the children have taken to the first week of the year and their focus in class. I, together with other members of the Senior Management Team, have been in and out of classrooms and we all agree the focus after the Christmas holiday period has been quite excellent. I asked parents to speak to their children at the end of the holidays about hitting the ground running and they have certainly done this – thank you so much for your support in this regard.

I was delighted to see that we managed to get so many fixtures on this Wednesday. Of course, away teams cancelling fixtures is out of our hands, but we will always do our best to keep matches on here if we can. I must apologise for the delay Years 3 and 4 girls experienced in getting back to school on Wednesday and to thank parents for their patience when I know it would have created a lot of problems at home. A delayed coach, a broken down coach and then a back-up coach some miles away created enormous problems and the coach company have apologised profusely for the inconvenience caused. However, the important thing is that we got the children and staff back safely – which is always our priority.

Miss Lyle enjoyed hosting Headmaster’s Tea for the first time on Tuesday – congratulations to those children who reached this target last term and the Britons enjoyed their House lunch on Thursday for gaining the most House points last term – well done to them!

We are back up and running with Twitter (@HandcrossPark) and Facebook. Do follow us on both these platforms for a few highlights each week. We also have Twitter pages for Pre-Prep, Music, Boarding, Sport and IT with plenty of interesting information for any areas you might be interested in.

You may have heard in the media the debate going on about co-education versus single sex education. As I always try to add something of interest for parents to read or listen to, the following link is to a Radio 5 interview conducted with the Head Master of Brighton College, Richard Cairns earlier in the week, http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/b06tpc0x?t=9577.

Personally, I have always been an advocate for co-education for many of the reasons outlined in the press this week, which has certainly created an interesting debate.

Have a good weekend.

Be Trewe.

Graeme Owton


News From the Boarding House

We would like to welcome back to all our boarders from the various parts of the world who have had a wonderful holiday and plenty of stories to tell.

May we also welcome our new Gap Students who have come all the way from Australia, Miss Worthington, Mr Bird and Mr MacKay. This is an exciting time for them and they have already commented on the weather!

All the boarding staff would like to take this opportunity to again thank the parents and children for their generous gifts. It is very much appreciated.

There are a number of exciting things lined up for the boarders this half term and I look forward to sharing these with you over the coming weeks. Mrs Davis

The School Nurse

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Please remember to inform the surgery if your child has suffered with any childhood infectious diseases over the holiday period. We would also like to know of any changes to your child’s Health, Allergy or Vaccination status.So that we can keep their personal health records up to date please inform us on nurse@handxpark.com

Many thanks. Sas, School Nurse


Congratulations to Eliza Hawley who achieved distinction in her Grade 4 singing exam, a wonderful achievement!
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Year 6 Desfile de Moda

On the last week of the Autumn Term, the Y6 Spanish classes held their very own stylish Fashion Show to round up all the excellent work they had done during the term. The excitement of the fashion show electrified the air and who knows what future fashion stars may arise from the experience! Once they had walked the catwalk, they described in their best Spanish -with fantastic pronunciation- what they were wearing and it all rounded up nicely with a last walk on the catwalk showcasing all the creative outfits they had chosen. It was a memorable lesson for us all!

Señora Gayler

MFL AWARDS December 2015




Meaning: ask questions of someone aggressively

The prisoners were interrogated by the wardens.



Meaning: make something less of a problem

She talked to the teacher to help alleviate her difficulties in RS



Meaning: to avoid doing a task which needs completing.
The child was told to stop procrastinating!


'Want to know more about digital tattoos? Check this article out'

What is a digital tattoo? | ParentInfo


Please check the new issue of 'Digital Parenting' out. The online version is available on the link below.


Hard copies are also available from the School Office. I thoroughly recommend that you take a copy, it is a very informative read with plenty of hints and tips for parents.

This will be especially important as we are holding our E-Safety afternoon this term and 'Internet Safety Day' is in February. Best Regards, Mr O'Connor


To Hermione Boyle for excellent extra Maths work over the Christmas holidays.


Welcome to the Spring term 2016!

Reception’s theme this term is Fairy Tales. RS came back to school to find a beanstalk had grown in their classroom and a Giant had left us a message along with some very large footprints. The children had to help Jack lift the magic maths spell that had been cast over his beans by the giant so we could grow our own beanstalk and enter the Giant’s castle. They set to work finding out all of the ways to make 10 using Jack’s magic beans, which we successfully completed and we were allowed to enter the castle as long as we were quiet and didn’t disturb the Giant.

This week we have also written short stories about planting a ‘jelly bean’ and began filling in our ‘bean diary’.

RM began their Learning Journey with a collection of items being delivered to us from maintenance. They found lots of interesting things in the woods over the holiday and needed our help sorting them out. The children looked through the items discussing who each one could belong to. They decided the glass slipper obviously belonged to Cinderella and that this was the most important problem to fix because without it she “Couldn’t go to the ball and dance with the Prince.” So we posted the shoe back to her and invited her to a ball her in our class on Friday where we waltzed with her wearing our crowns and shields.

After examining various shoe designs the children all designed their own shoe that wouldn’t fall off by using laces, velcro, buckles and straps. Mrs Marwa was amazed and dazzled by the beautiful upcycling of old shoes this week and the children finished off this project with a shoe fashion show for Mr Gayler – who was equally impressed.

This week has seen Year Two embarking on yet another exciting Learning Journey – this time, literally! This term we are off travelling around the world, visiting as many different countries as we can in the coming months.

Our trip began with the children exploring a carousel of activities, including playing board games, doing jigsaw puzzles, making a map of continents and using atlases to make an alphabet of countries, whilst also investigating a wealth of artefacts from far-flung places around the globe. And then, we had a special visitor! Find out who he was and what he wanted next week…!

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Last term Year 1 collected an amazing £522 by holding a sponsored jog to raise money for the WWF. The WWF were most grateful for the large amount of money raised. The children have been able to adopt 14 endangered animals for a whole year. Well done to the children and many thanks to generous family members who donated the money.

This term the children are embarking on a mission into space. Keep tuned into our newsletter and Twitter feed to be the first to find out the latest reports of their exciting adventures!

LITTLE OWLS..........

It was lovely to see the Little Owls return to Nursery, full of enthusiasm and ready to play and learn. We would also like to welcome the new children who have all settled really well.

As always it has been a very busy week, the children have had lots of fun playing in the sand trough which has been transformed into a hub for roads and cars. The Little Owls have been colour sorting their cars into long lines causing lots of traffic jams!

The water trough has been transformed into a giant bath for the dolls, complete with bubbles, sponges and towels. This has been a particular favourite for many!

The model making table has been a hive of activity too, the Little Owls have been busy constructing wonderful creations out of different sized boxes. The children have been talking about size and sequencing sizes, they are all very proud of what they have made.

WISE OWLS ........

We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming our Wise Owls children back to Nursery and are very much looking forward to an exciting term ahead. There has been a delightful sense of excitement around the classroom, as the children have been sharing their special memories of the Christmas season. At Circle Time, they have enjoyed sharing these memories with their friends and have been drawing lovely pictures of the festive season.

We have been learning about the ‘Snow Bear’s story and our Wise Owls have enjoyed this theme in the Role Play area. Making buttered toast to eat beside the fire at Snack Time proved to be a highlight for many. Another activity in the Outdoor Area which has been most popular has been using paints to make Dinosaur foot prints.


January 11 - 16

Mon 11


14:00 - 15:30

Haywards Heath RFC Masterclass (1st XII)


Tue 12


Netball v Lancing Prep, Worthing (Colts B)


14:00 - 15:30

Haywards Heath RFC Masterclass (U11A, U10A)



Year 8 Parents' Evening (Non examinable Subjects)


Wed 13


Hurst U8 Girls Hockey Festival (U8A VII)



Netball v Duke of Kent ( 2nd VII, Colts B)



Netball v Duke of Kent (1st VII)



Netball v Duke of Kent (Colts A)



Netball v Ardingly (4th VII)



Hockey v Hurst (U8B VII)



Rugby v Prebendal (1st XII, 2nd X)



Rugby v Lingfield Notre Dame (U11A IX, U11B IX, U10A VIII, U10B VIII)



Rugby Triangular v Ashdown House and Great Walstead (U9A VII, U9B VII)

Away at Ashdown House


Rugby v Great Walstead (U8A VI, U8B VI, U8C VI)


Thu 14


Prefects' Lunch with the Headmaster

Headmaster's Study

14:00 - 15:00

Rugby v Lingfield Notre Dame (U9A & B VII)



Year 7 Parents' Evening (Non examinable Subjects)



FHXP Committee Meeting

Small Hall

Fri 15


Celebration Assembly


16:30 - 16:45

Evening Prayers


Sat 16

09:30 - 16:30

Google Training at HXP



Brighton College - U14 A & B XV v Portsmouth GS

Handcross Park School

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A note from the Chair

Welcome to 2016 and the start of the Spring Term. I hope you all had a good break over Christmas and New Year with much fun and family time.

The Friends are starting the new year gently in terms of events, with momentum building towards the Ball at the end of the academic year. We are making good progress in the planning and will be starting ticket sales for the Ball in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, if you would like to help us with our planning or have any questions generally about The Friends please do contact me direct or via your Year Rep.


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