Friday Focus

Friday, May 6, 2016

STAAR Test Motivation

"Anything they put in front of us is food. And it's time to eat!"

The hay is in barn and you've brought the horse to water. Today is about reminding students of what they are capable of accomplishing. We're going to breathe life and hope into our students. We're going to smile at them and tell them that they're ready. We're going to be purposeful about what we say and how we say it. You've done all you can do and today is about calming nerves.

This weekend is about relaxation and laying your burdens down. Thank you for tutoring your kids and relentlessly seeking ways to reteach. Students will never understand or grasp how much time and planning goes into each portion of STAAR preparation. But I know, I know that each activity you chose was based on the needs of your kids. I know you were on Pinterest for two hours looking for the perfect way to reteach lunar phases and the classification of polygons. Thank you for setting high expectations for your students and yourself. Your work does not go unnoticed. Have a wonderful, relaxing Friday!

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Teacher Appreciation Week

It's been fun watching some of my favorite adults get excited over treats. We hope you have felt the love this week and enjoyed yourself. Swing by the conference room at the beginning of your lunch, we'll "eat mor chikin" today.
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