Guns & The Economy

By: Angel Hernandez

How does the sale of guns effect the economy?

The sale of guns effects the economy because it helps the economy, especially in when the economy is in a bad state. It also helps by creating jobs for people who prepare for wars. And the sales are very high including on the internet.

How does the sale of guns help the economy?

Boxes of ammunition of all calibers are reportedly flying off the shelves at double, even triple the normal price in neighborhood mom-and-pops, Wal-Marts, and at gun shows across the country. Firearms, especially semi-automatics and handguns, are in high demand. There are

increased sales of firearms in correlation to the presidency of Barack Obama and the possibility of stricter gun control laws.

How does the sale of guns raise employment?

There are millions of Americans whose livelihoods depend on the permanent war economy. You rarely hear it mentioned but there is a substantial militarist class in the United States--people who make their living preparing for war.

How does the internet sale of guns help the economy?

The marketplace for firearms on the Internet, where buyers are not required to undergo background checks, is so vast that advocates for stricter regulations now consider online sales a greater threat than the gun-show loophole.