Challenge Based THINKING

What's the big deal about iRock?

Rollings' Reflection Corner

It has taken me some time and several key experiences (seven years of IB training, six years of professional development on inquiry based learning, two years studying PLC's, a master's degree in Reading & Literacy, mentor training at Winthrop University, one year as a CBL teacher, and most recently a successful trip to China to present and share with teachers, administrators, and professors from around the world about the 1:1 setting and CBL advantages) to feel 100% confident in saying that iRock celebrates everything I have ever known to be true about best practice in education. It is individualized, it is relevant, it is challenging, and it is critical that we ALL understand it's NOT just the device. It's NOT just the idea of 'CBL'. It is the marriage of the teacher, the device, common core , challenge based opportunities, and understanding of students' needs that equals SUCCESS. For all students; ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

How do we master these elements when there is so much coming our way?

You don't. You open yourself up to this reality. Learning is not perfect. This is difficult for teachers to accept; we like perfection. We WILL get better as we go. COMMIT yourself to learning, enjoy it, celebrate accomplishments!

  • Be flexible.
  • Be accessible.
  • Be positive.

If I can do it in China...anyone can do it here. With common language, support, guides, resources, experts, and our community; WE GOT THIS!