Happy Holidays!

December 20, 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your student brought home a poem about Martin Luther King. We'll be performing this poem as a class for the MLK assembly on January 15 at 10am. Please put the poem in a special spot and practice it over break. The class knows the first half quite well, but we did not work on the second half yet. If you can't find the poem, here is the link:


Penguin Party!

Students enjoyed making penguin crafts and eating special snacks. Many thanks to all the families who sent in food, drinks and paper products, and to those parents who helped at the party. Some of the projects were still wet or sticky, so they stayed at school until after break. We ended the day with a very sweet story on DVD called Lost and Found. Your child may enjoy telling you about a boy's journey over the ocean in a small boat. This DVD is available from the Ann Arbor library.

Earlier in the day we watched part of a video from a Discovery Channel series called "Growing up Arctic." Ask your student what they found out about penguin chicks. It is not so easy getting out of the egg!

2014 Calendar

In your child's Friday Folder you will find a calendar that s/he began working on early in the year with Mrs. Lim. This was an ongoing project and is a gift from your student. Each page is a small art project from your child to you, that you will enjoy throughout the coming year.

What can we do over break?

  • read each day
  • count dimes, nickels and pennies
  • practice telling time to the hour/half hour
  • measure stuff!
  • rhyme
  • look for little words inside big words
  • write cards/letters to friends or relatives


We have had a great many snack donations over the last few days. After break we will continue providing classroom snacks in the morning and afternoon. Thanks for your generosity.