All about Mr.Frank From the Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Frank's Bio

Mr. Frank is the owner of the attic hide out and the work shop below. He is the father of the Frank family; they went into hiding because they are Jewish people hiding from the Nazi. He is also the leader of the house, and he keeps his family in line. His family is very well disciplined. Mr. Frank is a very loving and caring man. He cares for his family and wants for them to spend time together, and make it through the tough times that they are having. He wants to help other families and people by letting as many as they can fit in the attic live with them.

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Symbol 1- A House

I picked a house because he is the owner of the hide out. He is also the man of the house and keeps everything in line. In the book when they hear the racket of the thief, Mr. Frank takes charge and goes to check it out. He finds they stole the radio and the cash box (pg. 407). In the book he also takes charge when Anne is having nightmares. He takes charge by calming her down and everyone else to (pg.398).

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Symbol 2- A Gift

I pick a gift because Mr. Frank is very giving. He cares about other people and helping them out. In the book he lets the Van Daans stay with them in the hide out. He said he owed Mr. Van Daan for helping him when he first came to the country (pg. 376). He also lets Mr. Dussel stay with them too. He let Mr. Dussel stay because he needed a place to hide from the Nazi.


Theme 1

Perseverance will take you far in life. They persevere every day when they are in the attic. They have to preserver to survive in their types of living conditions. Anne says “what good does it do for us to think about misery when we are only kids (pg. 416). Anne is persevering by looking past the misery. Anne is also persevering by giving gifts to everyone (pg. 402-405). She is joyful through all the hard times.

Theme 2

Hate can get in the way of relationships. When the people get in arguments in the attic it rips apart their relationships. Peter calls Anne Mrs. Quack Quack (pg. 383). This makes Anne mad and they are angry at each other for a couple days. Anne spills her glass of milk on Mrs. Van Daans fur coat and they get all upset over it (pg. 388). They got a feeling of hate for each other and it weaken their relationship.

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