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Monday, January 4th - Final Exam Week

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Final week of Latin II

It's the last week of Latin II! You still have time to finish successfully, though you must work hard now if you are behind. Everything is technically due on Friday night at 11:59 PM, but I will accept work until the end of the day on Sunday. Thus you may work through this weekend.

I need to let you know that there may be times this week when I am unavailable or will ask you to check back with me later. My mother experienced sudden and unexpected heart failure during winter break and is now in a Hospice Hospital in Raleigh. We do not know what will happen or when, so I hope you will be understanding if I don't respond right away, or even may send you another teacher's information to contact for help if I feel that I won't be able to respond quickly enough.

Live Class

Our last Live Class will be tonight. I will be a little later than usual at 6:00 PM. You are also welcome to attend any other teacher's session this week. Check out the calendar of classes by clicking on the Live Class button on the left side of the course.

Jennifer Kunka, Instructor - Latin II Section 3 and 4