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Week of February 29th


Thanks for all you did to prepare for the annual Fire Marshal visit. We received positive feedback and only a few minor items require addressing.

Wednesday, March 2nd is Hopewell Valley's Night Off. Homework should not be assigned on this day. All afterschool activities are canceled. Please make sure that you leave school early and enjoy the time with family.

Thank you for returning dyslexia screenings. Please be sure to hand them in tomorrow if you haven't already done so.

Friendly reminder that tenured short unannounced observations will continue to take place.

A note about cell phones: I've received an inquiry from a parent about our policy. I'd like to discuss this at Principal's Cabinet. In the meantime, please remember that cell phones should not be used while supervising children during recess.

Interested in placing a lunch order for next Monday's PD day? See below for details. Orders must be submitted by this Wednesday. JoAnn is collecting $.

Enjoy the beautiful weather today!


Reminder: March 7th Lunch

The elementary principals are pleased to prepare and offer the following lunch options to interested staff at the in-service on March 7th:

+ Steve's sausage, peppers and onions with a side of penne pasta and marinara sauce

+ Chris's tossed salad with grilled chicken

+ David's jambalaya over white rice

Each meal will be $7.00 and include bottled water. A slice of Tana's homemade ice cream cake may be included for an additional $1.50. Lunch will be prepared and served in the Stony Brook cafeteria.

Click here to place your order. All orders must be submitted by Monday, February 29th. Please submit your payment (cash only, please) in a sealed envelope with your full name to JoAnn Thomson at HES no later than Wednesday, March 2nd.


Tana, Chris, Steve & David

Updated: New Students

We have a handful of new children who will be/may be registering. We try to give teachers a heads up when we know a registration is about to take place. However, we don't always know when a child has an IEP which may delay notification. Sometimes, we find out from the registrar and then only have 48 hours before a child will begin.

Here is an update:

+ anticipated 1st grader (mid/end of March)

+ possible 5th grader (mid-March)

Reminder: Budget

Our accounts are now frozen. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to order additional materials/supplies this year from our building budget. In addition, we no longer have the ability to support PD opportunities which haven't already been submitted for approval. Please see me if you have an extraordinary situation which requires assistance.

Reminder: Lesson Plans

Please remember to post your lesson plans each week.

HVEF Grant Proposals: Spring 2016

HVEF is now accepting spring grant proposals. Let me know how I may support you!

Reminder: Field Trips and Workshops

Please make sure you submit paperwork at least 45 days prior to a field trip or professional development day for Board approval. Trips may not be approved by the district unless requests are submitted as per this timeline. Thanks!

Upcoming Events

Week of 2/29 - Book Fair

3/2 - Visiting Author: Mo O'Hara

3/2 - Hopewell Valley Night Off

Upcoming Professional Development Days

3/7 - Early Dismissal (various workshops)

4/19 - Olivia Wahl (grade 1)

4/20 - Olivia Wahl (kindergarten)

4/21 - Olivia Wahl (grade 2)