Health food .v.s junk food

Amina And Makenna

Components of Fittness

Muscular strength- how stong your Muscles are.

Murclar Endurnce-using our muscular for along period of time .flexibility-strething your muscular cardio respaory Endurnce using your heart ,lungs ,for along period of time.your body should have more muscle then fat.


What to eat... Fruits,veggies,protein,(meat),dairy,grain-carbs,water(a lot of it) what not to eat ...fries (,foods,) McDonalds, candy ,cake ,chips , cookies , ice cream , donuts , coke ,sugar , fat , salt , these things can lead to heart disease

F.I.T.T plan

F.frequency-number of day a week 3-5days I.intensity-how your heart herts ? You workout and blood helps it.T.time amount of time spend (30-60min.)T.type type of exercise . Ex. Running , basketball, etc ...Choose more then one exercise . Alternate days.