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April 24, 2015

Radical Challenge Field Trip

The kids LOVED Radical Challenge! Teams worked together as each student got to demonstrate leadership skills through a team challenge. Thanks to all of the parent volunteers for their hard work!

Missouri Assessment Testing - Note from Dr. Slaughter & Mrs. Hinnenkamp


Our state testing for grades 3-5 is quickly approaching. Your child will be completing the MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) test during the following week(s):

· 3rd Grade April 20-24

· 4th Grade April 27-May 1

· 5th Grade April 27-May 8

This is the first year the test will be online. Students in grades 3 and 4 will take a Math test as well as an ELA (English Language Arts) test. Students in 5th grade will take a Math, ELA and Science test.

During the testing window, the student Chrome books will remain at school. Please make sure your child has a pair of headphones or ear buds to use during the test.

If you are interested in looking at a practice test, please visit the following website:

Also, we have a YouTube video that will show you in more detail how to navigate the site to get to the practice tests:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

5th Grade Missouri Assessment Testing Schedule

Week 1

Monday, April 27: ELA Session 1 10:00-11:20

Tuesday, April 28: ELA Session 2 10:00-11:20

ELA Instruction 12:15-1:15

Wednesday, April 29: ELA PE part 1* 10:00-11:20

Thursday, April 30: ELA PE part 2* 10:00-11:20

Friday, May 1: Math Session 1 10:00-11:20

Week 2

Monday, May 4: Math Session 2 10:00-11:20

Math Instruction 12:15-1:15

Tuesday, May 5: Math PE* 10:00-11:20

Wednesday, May 6: Science Session1 10:00-11:20

Thursday, May 7: Science Session 2 10:00-11:20

Friday, May 8: Science PE* 10:00-11:20

*PE is a performance event

Week in Review


As a happy coincidence, the focus for the practice ELA performance task aligned with our current unit - point of view - and the writing task was a researched-based opinion piece. To get the class familiar with the format and electronic tools on next week's assessments, students worked on portions of it throughout the week. With partners, they read and took notes on the three provided sources that focused on service animals. The two constructed response - about a paragraph a piece - were very similar to what we have been doing all year. The main reminder I had to give was to site the source the information came from per the question directions. Each student also created a plan for the writing piece (4-5 paragraphs). Some students actually wrote the paper. I was very excited to see students apply lessons from our research-based argument letters (chocolate milk) to this paper. The class will do well, and they are prepared. They just need to work hard to show what they know.


We're moving quickly as to complete our final two chapters: Chapter 10-Convert Units of Measure and Chapter 11-Geometry and Volume. Students have practiced converting between customary units of length (inches, feet, yards, miles); units of capacity (fl. oz, cups, pints, quarts, gallons); and units of weight (oz, lbs, tons). To help students internalize units of capacity, they made a fractionally accurate gallon guy, and you may hear your child sing my version of "Sixteen Candles," which is "16oz in a pound." Today they had a brief reintroduction to the metric system, as we connected it back to our first unit Place Value in math. In that unit, we used meter sticks to understand the relationship between tenths, hundredths, and thousandths; so the students were quickly catching onto the reasoning behind moving the decimal point to convert between units.


In science this week, students learned that organisms are classified as invertebrates (no backbone) and vertebrates (backbone). Other similarities between organisms are then used to classify them further. There are five groups of vertebrates: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Students used their textbook and a website to find features that described each group as well as several examples. On Thursday, we began our study of plants. The class learned about the differences between vascular and nonvascular plants (ex. moss) as well as differing root structures: tap roots and fibrous roots. We walked down to the treed area behind Liberty Oaks to identify examples of each type of plant and tried to gather some samples to examine root structure. The dandelions' tap roots proved to be too strong even for the most determined students. Students enjoyed a review of the Scientific Method during our Popcorn Palooza lab where they determined that Act II popcorn had the highest percentage of popped kernels, yet they thought Hy-Vee Extra Butter had a superior taste.

Next Week's Specials' Calendar:

Monday, April 27- Day 3: Art

Tuesday, April 28 - Day 4: Library

Wednesday, April 29 - Day 1: Music

Thursday, April 30 - Day 2: PE

Friday, May 1 - Day 3: Art

Upcoming Events:


4/27-5/1- State of Missouri Assessment (formerly MAP) Because the test is now online, each grade level will be assessed different weeks. Fifth graders and Eighth graders have the largest assessments to complete, so attendance is extremely important. Because of this, fifth graders will be tested for two weeks Monday-Friday. Please make every effort to schedule appointments after 3:00pm.


5/4-5/8 - 2nd Week: State of Missouri Assessment (formerly MAP) Because the test is now online, each grade level will be assessed different weeks. Fifth graders and Eighth graders have the largest assessments to complete, so attendance is extremely important. Because of this, fifth graders will be tested for two weeks Monday-Friday. Please make every effort to schedule appointments after 3:00pm.

5/4-5/8- Staff Appreciation Week

5/6- Bike- to- school Day

5/6- CiCi’s Pizza Night, 4:30-8:00 pm

5/7- Open House & Art Show, 5:30 pm

5/12- PTA General Meeting, 7:00 pm

5/12- Baskin & Robbins 4-8pm

5/14- All Pro Dads 7:00 am

5/14- 10/15- Chipotle night (4-8)

5/14- 5th Grade Picnic 11:30-12:30

5/15- Field Day

5/18- 5th Grade Recognition Breakfast, 8:00 am – 9:00 am

5/20 Early Release & Last Day of School, Fifth grade walk right before dismissal, 11:50 am

Camp Invention

Camp Invention is where BIG ideas become the next BIG thing! Join us as we celebrate our 25th year of reinventing summer fun!

In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Liberty School District 53 is pleased to offer the nationally-acclaimed Camp Invention program to children entering grades one through six. It’s an exciting, weeklong summer adventure with lessons that explore connections between science, technology, engineering and innovation. Children will work together to seek solutions to real-world problems, turn ordinary into extraordinary and sharpen critical 21st century learning skills while rotating through several fascinating modules.

This unforgettable week begins on July 13, 2015, when Matthew Krohne will direct the Camp Invention Illuminate™ program at Liberty Oaks Elementary School.

In the KartWheel™ module, children let their engineering skills glide them across the finish line as they build, enhance and upgrade their very own freestyle racing cart. Boys and girls will explore what it means to prototype a product from scratch as they become an entrepreneur during the Design Studio: Illuminatemodule. In the I Can Invent: Next Level Gamers™ module, participants will take apart broken or unused appliances using real tools to create a physical video game model in the 3rd dimension! Finally, in theInducted™ module, personalized video challenges from National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees are introduced along with hands-on activities like constructing super-structure mega-towers, assembling out-of-this-world space rockets and so much more!

Local educators will facilitate program modules and enthusiastic high school and college students will serve as Leadership Interns ensuring that one staff member is in place for every eight children.

Every registration includes a complimentary Camp Invention t-shirt. Availability is limited, so visit or call 800.968.4332 to secure your child’s spot today!

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