Timberview Tree Times

Three trees commonly found at TMS

Got oxygen?

Here at Timberview Middle School, we find it important to take care of our trees. Well-growing trees are hard to come by where we live, because rain doesn't come here often: to Texas! These three trees adapt to our weather conditions for a healthy life style. They need soil, lots of sun, and water as abiotic factors to survive. All trees have an effect on oxygen; something that we can't live without! We treat them with the outmost courtesy, as they provide us with the air to breathe, and a magnificent scenery to our school.

What would I need to grow these trees?

For any tree, there are simple steps to make it apart of your home, school, or even work. First, make sure you have chosen the right time of year to plant that specific tree. Check to see if there are any local requirements concerning digging deep holes.

Now, prepare the hole. Dig enough room down for the root ball to be completely covered. (4 to 5 times the length of the root ball.) Then prepare the tree for planting, and place it gently into the hole. Fill the hole with compost. Be sure to water and tend to it during the first few years of the trees beginning life. Sunlight, plenty of water, and good soil is what you need in order for it to survive. Good luck! Be sure to thank yourself for adding another beautiful tree to the world.

By: BreAnn Barker and Elaina Romeo