Protein shakes

They are good for you!? or are they?

What is a protein shake?

It is a beverage that puts protein in your body

Bad ways of using a protein shake

If you rely on protein shakes to fill you up by replacing your regular meals, you will miss out on all the nutritional benefits of whole foods. It's good to eat other foods to obtain other resources that your body needs instead of just putting straight protein in your system. You don't have to drink a protein shake to get the beneficial factors that your needs. You could also eat natural sources of protein to make it a healthier way to get protein. Protein shakes could cause you to gain weight instead of gaining muscle weight if you doing nothing to gain muscle.

Benefical uses of protein shakes

The best time to drink a protein shake is either when your done eating or after a intense workout. Straight protein isn't always good but, when you have other resources going into your body it can help you gain muscle instead of fat. Protein shakes are good to use for muscle recover.

My opinion

I would recommend using protein shakes only for the benefit of getting physically bigger but, you must do a type of work to get the effects of it.