2015 Year in Review

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Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best

  1. Apple marketed themselves very well in 2015 because they came out with a brand new iPhone, the IPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s had a new feature called "3D Touch" that has never been on any phone. Next, they came out with the Apple Watch which very revolutionized the way we use watches. Apple also came out with Apple Music and the new generation of the Apple TV and the iPad Pro.
  2. The Honest Company is the next company that marketed themselves very well in 2015. The company is co-founded by actress Jessica Alba and it emphasizes non-toxic household products for consumers. It targeted the minds of mothers who want their kids to use only the best and safest products. Jessica Alba used the help of other celebrities to help market her products. Despite complications that they had this year, the company was valued at $1.7 billion as of August, 2015, without having ever employed print ads, television or billboards.
  3. Nike is also a company that marketed very well in 2015. They sponsors a lot of sports teams so you'll often see players wearing Nike products. Also, their "Snow Day" commercial featured more than 20 pro athletes and that gathered a lot of attention. Nike's use to advertisement showed that they really know how to market their products and they are pretty good at it as well.

Best Products of 2015

  1. IPhone 6s
  2. Apple TV

Worst Products of 2015

  1. Apple Pencil
  2. Nexus 6

Top Movies and How they were Marketed

  1. Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens was a huge box-office hit, the movie grossed over $248 million over its opening weekend and had grossed $758.2 million in ticket sales from the U.S and Canada as of Tuesday. It was a highly anticipated film because hardcore Star Wars fans have been waiting seven years for a new movie. On November 18, 2014 Lucasfilm released a 90-second to promote the movie. The trailer was released on YouTube and the iTunes Store as well, generating 58.2 million views on YouTube in its first week.
  2. Jurassic World was the second highest box-office hit of 2015. This movie is the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series and used fans from previous movies to help promote and support it, similar to Star Wars. They also used similar marketing techniques to Star Wars.
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Top Music Artist of 2015

Justin Bieber used the help of many famous celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Ed Sheeran, etc. to help him promote his new songs and album. He also went on many different talk shows and promised to redeem himself to the public. His songs are very catchy therefore many fans were excited for his comeback and most of the songs from his new album "Purpose" made it on the top chart.

Adele surprised her fans when she released the song "Hello" unexpectedly after being absence from the media for a few years. A 30-second clip of "Hello" was played during commercial break on The X Factor in the United Kingdom. In North America, "Hello" is the first song to sell 1 million copies in a single week. The song stayed at number one spot for 10 consecutive weeks. Many fans connected a lot with the song, it even made Katy Perry cried. Adele later released her newest album "25" on November 20, 2015.

Top Ten Songs of 2015

  1. Hello by Adele
  2. Sorry by Justin Bieber
  3. Hotline Bling by Drake
  4. What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber
  5. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvement: Exercise and eat healthier everyday

Family and Friends: Spend more time with my mom

School and Other world: Stop procrastinating