Language Arts Journal #2

Social Media

Social Media Challenge

Upon completing the 24 hour social media challenge I now realize the large role it plays in my life. I typically to not post an abundance of picture or status updates but upon having to go an entire day without it, I never would have realized how often I visit the sites. Often times when there is down time during my day, I will usually pull out my phone and check in on several apps. Usually I will open Snapchat or Twitter and see if any of my friends have posted anything recently. This has become such a habit of mine when I have down time I almost do it subconsciously. That is why while I was completing the challenge, often times, I would almost give in and open Twitter or Instagram without even really putting much thought into whether I would be breaking the challenge. This is a habit that I would like to try to break. Instead of pulling out my phone to check my notifications and updates I would much rather start a conversation with someone or found an alternative outlet to use my free time. Prior to the challenge I thought, “This shouldn’t be too hard. I use social media way less than most people”. But it turns out I was wrong and I do consume a lot of time online. Though the challenge may not have tempted me as much as others, it was still an eye opener and helped me gain awareness of how I should better manage my social media usage.