Cambridge HS Media Center News

Spring Break Edition

The eBooks are coming! The eBooks are coming!

Do you like eBooks? Our library is about to have over 100 titles available--how great is that?! We are still in the final stages of integrating them into our system, but they should be ready to go when we return! Want to see what we have? Go to and look through the offerings. Books that have the green infinity symbol can be accessed simultaneously by an unlimited number of patrons, which is GREAT for your classes!

A sampling of titles that will be available for checkout (iPad/Android/computer)

*Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Job

*120 Banned Books-Censorship Histories of World Literature

*Bloom's How to Write About George Orwell

*The Lightning Thief (entire series)

*The Hunger Games (entire series)

*Sunrise Over Fallujah


*Life of Pi

*The Fat Boy Chronicles

*A Monster Calls

*Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses

*Encyclopedia of Human Body Systems

*Cornered: 14 Stories of Bullying and Defiance

*Facts on File Physics Handbook

*Fifty Key Thinkers on the Holocaust and Genocide

*Fiske 250 Words Every High School Freshman Needs to Know

*The Giver

*Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Please be patient as we finish the final touches on eBook implementation. As soon as we return, you should receive an e-mail from me with further instructions on checking them out and using them either in your classes or for pleasure reading!

Is This Video Approved?

Many of you have asked me if certain videos are "approved" for use in your classroom. While there isn't a list of specific approved titles, the Fulton County policy states:

"Video/audio technology can be an effective part of instruction. The educational use of video/audio resources should, however, be approached with deliberation, selectivity, and careful thought. There should be a clear instructional purpose in use of a video/audio segment. As a result of watching or hearing the video/audio segment, students should perform a particular task or produce a particular product."

In addition, with films that are rated, "Video images from any source rated PG or PG13 do not require parental permission at the high school level. R rated video images or films from any source, including the school media center, may only be shown at the high school level with parental permission (see Parent Approval Form on the X Drive under Media Center)

Please see me if you need any clarification; I understand it can be a bit tricky when dealing with videos and DVDs!

Computer Lab Reminders

The media center computer lab has been busy with classes working on various research assignments, and we LOVE to help. Please remember to give Mrs. MacMillan a copy of your assignment sheet before you come (preferably several days ahead of time), so that any research guidance we give will be relevant to your class. Teachers should explore the resources on the media center page to get an idea of what is available, or visit the media center for a quick and painless refresher!

Discovery Education--Give it Another Look!

When was the last time you used Discovery Education? Perhaps you're not even sure what it is! It's okay if you're a DE newbie--we are here to guide you. Discovery Education is a wonderful site that is filled with resources for teachers AND students. Many of you know about their videos, but did you know that you can create classes (our students are loaded into the site already), build quizzes, share assignments, engage in staff development, even find lesson plans? If you have an "old" account (previous school) or no account at all, go to, click "passcode/new users" at the top, and type in our school passcode: 473F-810C. You only need to do that once! Then you can create your own account, build classes, explore videos, and add content to your account. PLEASE use this free resource that Fulton County provides for us--it's fabulous!

Here to Help

Please let Mrs. MacMillan know if you or your department would like a short lesson on how to use any of our resources. Email: