by- Camille Morrison

What caused the Archives War?

Due to many Mexican leaders being upset by the Lamar Administration, they began launching many raids into Texas. During the spring of 1842, General Ráfael Vásquez entered Texas with 700 soldiers and attacked many cities but returned to Mexico shortly after. Many Texans began to fear that they would be attacked so Houston had to take action.

The Archives War

Thursday, March 10th 1842 at 12pm

Austin, TX, United States

Austin, TX

Houston made an order that all of the government archives would be withdrawn from the capital but people who were loading the wagons were fired at by Angelina Eberly as well as others.

In the end

In September 1842, Mexico invaded Texas once more and soldiers took over San Antonio. Texas militia made it's way towards San Antonio and attacked General Adrián Woll's men and then they retreated back to Mexico taking captives with them.