Kendall Mattice

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a horizontal curve in a persons spine.

Who is affected by scoliosis?

Anyone can develop scoliosis. Even though both boys and girls can have scoliosis girls are more likely to need treatment and for their curve to worsen. Doctors aren't sure of the cause of scoliosis yet, but they do know that it tends to run in families.
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How is Scoliosis Diagnosed?

At your physical doctors test you for scoliosis. When they feel your spine they're seeing if your spine curves. If they feel even the slightest curve they will send you to an orthopedic doctor for x-rays. After the x-rays are taken the doctor will measure the cobb angle. The cobb angle is the measurement of the curve. It is only scoliosis if the degree is 10 or above.

What are some signs of Scoliosis?

  • One shoulder is higher than the other.
  • One arm is longer than the other.
  • One leg is longer than the other.
  • One hip is higher than the other.
  • Body leans to one side.

What are some of the treatments for scoliosis?

There are three types of treatments for scoliosis.

  • Observe the curve
  • Brace
  • Surgery


Wearing a brace won't make the spine straight again it will only stop the curve from getting worse. Braces are usually given to patients who are still growing and have a degree of 20 or higher. There are two kinds of braces the Boston Brace and the Milwaukee Brace.
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Doctors usually only recommend surgery when the cobb angle is 50 degrees or over. The most common type of surgery is spinal fusion. It is where the surgeon connects multiple vertebrae together so they can't move. The surgery usually won't take place until the bones have stopped growing.
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