Science fair project

Can Coca-cola dissolve a piece of meat?

We listened a myth that say that Coca-Cola can dissolve a piece of meat in 1 week. We want to know if it is true.

Background research

We search for info online, and we found that coke contains acids, but there are not enough to dissolve meat. Also, we found that coke can turn a bone elastic, so we are not sure of what will happen.

Materials used

We used:

  • 6 pieces of meat of the same weight (12g).
  • 6 plastic glasses
  • Some glass-cleaning liquid, coke, water, salted-water and vinegar.
  • Plastic foil.


The meat will be dissolved on:

  • Glass-cleaning product (because we think that if it can dissolve particles of dust, it will dissolve meat).
  • Vinegar (because is acid enough to dissolve meat).

The meat will be semi-dissolved on:

  • Coke (because is not acid enough to dissolve completely the piece of meat).

The meat will be rotten on:

  • Water (because liquid water is not a food preserving).
  • The glass with nothing (because meat can't be conserved exposed in air).

The meat will be well-conserved in:

  • Salted water (because salt is a good food preserving).



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Finally, our conclusion is that any of this substances are able to dissolve meat. In humans stomach, gastric juices are mixed with food, but this substances are able to dissolve, because they are acid enough.

Science fair project:

Eduard Rakosnik

Marc Recouso

Jorge Vacarisas

Phisics and Chemistry, Lucía Valentín, 3ESO-D