Math Masterz

Fun Math Challenges For Middle School Students

Welcome To MathMasterz a fun and competitive math game! This game will determine if you are smart enough to win the arithmetic olympics, So lets start!

Materials Needed/Included

  • Materials Needed :Paper,Pencil and Brain
  • Materials Included:Pawn,Cards

The Goal Of The Game

Each one of you has been chosen to compete in the Arithmetic Olympics and one of you is destined to win. Answer the questions and make it to the finish line.

The Rules of The Game

First, You determine who goes first between two-four players. After, the first player will pick a card and answer the question, Next, The Player will check his answer by flipping the card flap.

If the player gets the answer correct he/she has the right to move his/her player (Pawn) as many places as the answer is corresponds to. If he/she gets the question wrong they stay where they are. Once you are done with your card please put it at the end of the pile. Next, the following players will do the exact same thing until, someone reaches the finish line.

Now that you know how to play, Let The Odds And Evens Be Ever In Your Favor!

Please Do Not Look At The Card Before Answering It !