Middle Ages

Historical Beauty Culture

Advanced Of Middle Ages Society

The Middle Ages is the period of European history between classical antiquity and the Renaissance, beginning with the downfall of Rome, circa AD 476, and lasting until about 1450. Beauty culture is advanced by sculptures,tapestries,and artifacts from this period. Women of The Middle Ages wore very complicated hair designs ,and towering headdresses,and ways of cosmetics on the hair and skin. In the Middle Ages womens had makeup on their lips and cheeks, they wore makeup on everything on their face except for their eyes. Around 1000 AD, a Persian physical named Avicenna refined the idea of steam distillation.

Middle Ages Painted Techniques

Techniques used for reducing skin to a blank canvas include:

• To remove spots, lick an amethyst and rub the slobbery stone over offending areas.

• To remove freckles, boil oatmeal and vinegar together and smear it on. Alternatively, if you were out of porridge, you could use bull’s or hare’s blood.

• To eradicate redness, apply cucumber or strawberry juice.

• To soothe sunburn, use the squeezed juice of the waterlily.

The potency of all such unguents could be increased by the application of a plaster/band-aid made from sheep’s leather.

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