Practical Driving Test

Your school is responsible for the application of the practice exam at the DSA

In most schools you can get consultation with your instructor to pass your practical driving test successfully The advantage is that the curriculum and the exam date well-coordinated. Also know as a student well in advance if you need to do exams. It can take into account the days that you do not test, for example through school exams or holidays.

Sent through the school:

  • The completed self-declaration (which you can buy at your school)
  • Application card for the practical driving test

Bring to the exam

  • The calling card
  • A valid theory certificate that you received after you had passed the

    Practical driving test

  • A legally permitted, valid identification
  • The completed form Introspection
  • The advice form that you received after the interim test (this is especially important if you have received an exemption for the special operations component)
  • Preparing for the exam
Ask your instructor to ride and at the final interview to be present. Many students' pockets on the "look". Make it extra care and discuss this in advance with your instructor during lessons. Watching is an important part of the lessons according to RIS.

Take the theory by Once more, finally, the theory and the theory exam a while ago. It also does not hurt to have a theory test practice.

The practical driving test for the passenger takes 55 minutes.

In the examination center you first introduced to the examiner. This explains how the exam is. Then follows the parking lot an eye test, where you mark a stationary vehicle must be able to read at a distance of about 25 meters. Then the examiner asks you a number of preparatory and control actions to perform on the exam car.

Then begin the journey. The examiner of the DSA to watch include:

  • How well your car dominated
  • If you look closely
  • Take account of other road users
  • Priority
  • In and out of
  • Behavior at intersections
  • Some special operations (this is about beating if you have earned an exemption with an interim test)

You will get during the exam every opportunity to show what you can. Absolutely faultless does not, it comes to the overall picture (otherwise the success rate is much lower). Important is how you respond to other traffic and whether you are master of the situation. In short, the examiner will consider whether you have enough in your home safely and independently on the road to participate.

Another practical tip: Of course you are nervous during the exam. The examiner takes this into account. Sometimes the examiner begins with the ride driving instructor a relaxed chat about this and that and suddenly he involves you with this. Maybe you too nervous to talk quietly. Do not be ashamed to just say: "I have not been listening, because I had to watch the traffic."


If you have passed the practical exam from DSA. Then you can pick up license at the town hall. The municipal official in the DSA check whether you really succeeded. You can adjust the road if your license in your hands.


Have you dropped, and then ask the examiner to which parts were insufficient. You also get the results form, so your data with your instructor to discuss the follow lessons, you need to prepare for the next practice exam.