Our Hero Mr. Lincoln

The Union Issue - Julian Caudillo

Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

President Abraham Lincoln has made a great impact on America over the past years of our time. With his anti-slavery views, Lincoln has become fond of the Union, but not the Confederacy. While he is not fully appreciated by those down South, we up North can support our president with his decisions for driving our country towards its prime state. While his election is one of the major causes for the Civil War, it has allowed us to show how Lincoln made his positive mark on our nation. While the South seceded from the US, Lincoln made his efforts to persuade them to rejoin the Union, a decision that would have worked out better if the South hadn't already done so. On January 1st, 1863, President Lincoln addressed the Emancipation Proclamation. This freed more than three million slaves in the South, freeing them from the Southern cruelness and letting them live the life they deserved. Lincoln also helped issue the Homestead Act, an act that encouraged West settlement by offering 160 acres of free land to settlers. During his second inauguration speech, Lincoln wished for peace among the nation; one month later, the war ended and peace was between the North and the South. Seen by all, Lincoln has proven to be the president that we needed during hardships and save us from peril.