Second Grade News

Mrs. Dunn


Spelling: Short a and long a

Homework is due on Monday.

Vocabulary: Make sure to study the vocabulary for your test on Friday.

Reading: Log and Comprehension packet due on Monday.


Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 8am

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX

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We will ask literal questions of text and monitor and adjust comprehension.


We will be covering statements, questions, exclamations and commands.


We will use addition and subtraction strategies to solve for the unknown.


We will be learning about physical properties such as, color, texture, shape, size and flexibility.

Social Studies

We will continue discussing what it means to be a good citizen.


Your student is allowed to bring a healthy snack each day, as well as a water bottle. Healthy snack examples: fruit, crackers, gold fish, etc. Please no candy, cakes or other sugary items.

CAMP schedule




Thursday- Technology

Friday- Music

Weekly Homework

Homework packets will go home on Mondays and will be due the following Monday. Please complete in a way that works for your family. Your child also has a reading log to for the week. Your child is expected to read 100 minutes for the week. Please use the reading log to document what your child is reading. This log includes a comprehension piece as well. Please understand that the log is flexible. We are looking for a total of 100 minutes.

Some examples are:

*If you are reading a chapter, each chapter can be recorded.

*sight words

*reading homework

Just write it on the log and it will count toward your reading minutes.