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I am excited to share that we are a bucket filling classroom! The idea is that each and every person has an imaginary bucket over his or her head. Our actions determine if our imaginary buckets are dipping (doing something hurtful) or filling (doing something helpful). Each day the students get the opportunity to earn bucket slips, or "drops," for doing something good--including being prepared for class, being respectful, participating in class, being helpful, and the list goes on! Every student in our classroom has their own bucket that they actually get to fill. After the student has collected a certain number of bucket slips, they have the opportunity to trade them in for a special treat.

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Meet our University Student

Hello families! My name is Dani Gray, and I'm a student from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I have been fortunate enough to be placed with Mrs. Horlacher for my pre-student teaching practicum experience. During this placement, I have learned a lot about using an effective curriculum and how to alter teaching procedures to each individual student. Best of all, I've enjoyed getting to know all of these magnificent students!