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The Revolution begins

General Cos arrives in Texas

General Cos brought about 700 Mexican troops to San Antonio to take over Texas. Many settlers felt uncomfortable with their presence and mad a committee of correspondence to keep everybody informed of everything that was happening there.


Conflict between Mexican troops and Texan colonists came at Gonzales in October 2, 1835. After that Gonzales was called the " Lexington of Texas" because of all the similarities in the war against the British back in Lexington. The Texans challenged the Mexican troops by sending men to surround the troops and look for armed men to join the fight.

Battle of San Antonio

On the week after the fight in Gonzales the Texans took over Goliad by surprise and wanted to attack San Antonio next fro it being the only large Mexican force left. Stephen F. Austin called on the Texans who fought in Gonzales to make an army to stop Cos and Called it the Army of the people and led it.

The "Grass fight"

Edward Burleson now became the commander of the volunteer army after Stephen F. Austin left. Scouts reported a Mexican Mule team on its way to San Antonio.The scouts thought they were carrying silver but the mule team was carrying grass instead of silver.

convention of 1836

Richard Ellis, the chairman of the convention, and David G. Burnet were both at the convention of 1836. The convention was met at Washington-on-the-Brazos and was written George C. Childress and consisteded the branches of the government, which are executive,legislative, and judicial. The war party and peace party were the fighting against either letting Texas get independence or joining it with Mexico