2 Go to Togo!

"We are blessed to be a blessing..."

Africa Trip

On May 30th we flew out of the Charlotte airport to begin our trip to Togo, Africa. We spent 30 hours of travel and we're expected to arrive in Lome Sunday night at 10:50pm. The travel itself wasn't too hectic. We had a 2 hour layover in Jew Jersey and a 7 hour layover in Brussels, Belgium. We traveled on the train into the city for our layover and enjoyed a Belgium waffle. I wish I could say that it was healthy.

We arrived in Lome at 12:30 am Monday morning and didn't get to leave the airport until 2:30am. Our bags were searched and it wasn't like customs in the Unites States. The airport is a corrupt place that wants to make any money they can from you even if it's not fair. There are no words to express how tired we really were when we finally left the airport. I was traveling on about 2 hours of sleep and felt delirious. As we were riding in the car I thought to myself-The trip is finally here. It was truly surreal. We drove an hour to Kpessi to our home for 2 weeks. When we arrived we took a tour of the guest house and collapsed in bed. It was nice to lay down in a bed instead of in a plane.

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Kdadape Church

The kids all stayed after the church service to play with us. We played football, frisbee and gave out candy. The kids LOVED spending time with us and we loved being a part of their Sunday!


At first, the children didn't understand what the present that my students had made them. A Togolese native,who knew how to read English, read each book to them. Their faces lit up when their book was read. They loved the name "Abigail" and kept repeating it over and over.