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Monthly Focus

Beginning in October, the Media Center will have a Monthly Focus. The focus will highlight a media tool or trend that should enhance the media center's use for students and teachers.

October's Focus will be on our Follett E-books. Classes coming in for circulation will be shown how to access the digital products that we have in our collection.

Tech Tools is a great source that offers several Google Sheets templates and tools. One such tool that everyone can create and use quickly is a template that will help teachers to create a random name picker using a google sheet (Google's spreadsheet)

Simply go to and use the template provided. Edit the template to include the names of your students. Publish your modified sheet to the eel, copy the sheet's URL and paste it into the name picker.

Google Slides is one of the many tools available on the google drive. Slides works very much like Microsoft's Powerpoint. Users can create presentations using this tool. Slides are created, text, pictures, video's, and music can be added. AND since it is a google product, the presentation can be accessed anywhere without the use of a jump drive or hard drive space. Multiple students can work on the same project at the same time.

We have Google? We have Google!

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 12am

Media Center, Reference Section

An intro to the google drive will be held during the month of October during grade level meetings. We will continue to build on our Google App Knowledge throughout the month. Participation is voluntary and CEUs will be given for participation.