Technology Flyer - 2

Copacabana Public School (February 2015)

Lots of updating...

Starting with GetEducreative which has lots of ideas, examples, tips and tricks for using various apps and programmes in your classroom.

Lots of Coding Activities including websites, apps, Scratch and an Hour of Code

A lot of the GetSmart pages have been tidied up - in most cases the links are now thumbnails instead of a Symbaloo

Art ideas and activities for your class - How To.....Art

Craft ideas and activities for your class - How To....Craft

The Great Sites, English, Maths, Classroom, HSIE & Science have been updated and some nice new sites added.

Lots of Units of Work for the NSW syllabus for ES1 - S3

SMART (NAPLAN) Teaching Strategies site....

Access the SMART teaching strategies Literacy website or the Numeracy site.

"The teaching strategies in this site provide support to teachers and enable explicit links from the assessment to the national curriculum. The website is divided into Numeracy and Literacy. The strategies in Numeracy are categorised by strand and substrand. The Literacy strategies are categorised by skill. "

apps for running records...

The Clever Classroom blog has links to, and a short summary about apps which can be used for keeping running records

Chinese New Year....

Lots of links to resources to celebrate Chinese New Year