Earth: A New Place

By: Jasmine & Omonte

See earth natural things

Come see Earth amazing things, that you can see and get earth is everything you want. Earth is shelter, peace, and place where you can see new things you never saw, Earth is the main land of things you want to see on earth. Yes! Earth!, come see Earth its amazing place where you can shop, live, and see natural living things, such as Animals. Animals is something you can help on earth and also domestic animals. Earth is where family and friends share new things and buy such as malls and stores. people come on earth to have an education too it can help you learn that's why we have school and scholarships. its amazing to see earth life as a thing of nature. Just come see the beauty lands and exsorts places you can relax when you want a vacation or want to see earth places. Earth is a big world where you want to dream to be at, like things you want come shop on earth. Earth is a place you want, to see, and to live Come to Earth show your support that earth is what you want to come to.

New things

Earth theme parks is the best thing you would want to see, for example a ride at a theme park on earth would never make you want to go home, such as six flags. A hundred years ago six flags was simply roller coasters and water rides, but now they have went all out to impress everyone. Now they have roller coasters that goes beyond the clouds. its amazing to see earth got something new we can ride or have an adventure of, earth is the best place to go see an theme park come see it!
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